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Web Automation

How much time do you or your employees spend doing repetitive tasks online? Web Automation can eliminate these chores, commonly resulting in happier workers, increased productivity, and decreased expense—what's not to like? If you can do it online, we can automate it. Contact us for a free consultation and start saving time and money.

We have created e-mail notification for website changes, a database of Suffolk County foreclosures, and an e-mail notification bot that works with UPS and FedEx package tracking. After more than a decade of helping Bidlink Software Systems acquire and process millions of defense procurement documents, we're still waiting for a bigger challenge.

Think of the Internet as the largest distributed data store ever assembled and you're at the tip of one of Codefix's most powerful offerings. Web scraping, spiders, and other automation tools are not uncommon, but it doesn't take much irregularity or complexity to justify a custom automation solution.

It's easy to stand behind a tried and true product, and Codefix makes extensive use of automation in our everday business. From billing, expense tracking, and customer invoicing to e-mail sorting, monitoring agents, and data retrieval—if you can describe it, we can automate it. Garrison's lazy programmer's rule of thumb is:

“If a thing needs doing more than once, automate it.”

We can scrape it off the web, extract from PDF, Word, and Excel documents, read from other databases, XML, RSS, YAML, or any of dozens of formats. Save time and money by eliminating the effort spent collecting and sorting data.

Whether you just want to know when particular data sources are updated or if you want to completely automate your data flow, contact us and see what we can do for you.

mod_perl + apache YAML

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