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Upcycle Data to Quality Information

Codefix specializes in extracting and cleaning data from unstructured sources, this upcycled data is then available as an information resource stored in a format of your choosing. This is often a database but might also be a spreadsheet or structured input for further processing.

In Turner et al. v. Murphy Oil USA, Codefix Consulting worked with environmental consultants at Northeast Geoscience to collate and summarize laboratory chemical analysis reports. These data were used decisively in winning a $330 million settlement between Murphy Oil USA and about 6,000 Louisiana homeowners whose houses were flooded with 25,000 barrels of oil from a storage tank that floated off its foundation during Hurricane Katrina.

Information Extraction can cover a lot of ground, including text mining, document mining, web mining, or data mining, but generally describes any information retrieval service which allows you to comb electronic documents in myriad formats and build a base of useful data, a process commonly referred to as extract, transform, load (ETL). Electronic data can often be processed with relative ease, but time, human error, and Murphy's Law can turn any job into a serious challenge. Whether you want to capture and clean data “in the wild” or clean and restructure existing data, start by seeing what Codefix can do for you.

Bidlink Software Systems has become the industry leader in defense market data thanks to an acquisition and processing engine created and maintained by Codefix Consulting. Since 2003 we've helped them collect millions of solicitation and award documents from U.S. military procurement centers, which are processed at up to 20,000 documents per hour; our ability to cope with changing forms, bad input, incomplete and even contradictory input has helped Bidlink to rise head and shoulders above the competition.

Most customers have tried natural language processing and other software packages with varying degrees of success, but invariably prefer Codefix for two important reasons: practicality and results. Good text analysis software may be expensive, not specific to your need, and require a good deal of user learning, software heuristics, and configuration; in many cases, it's simply good sense to hire someone to bring results you can use immediately. The other reason to choose Codefix is that we excel in coping with the spotty, irregular text that trips up generic processors (cf. noisy text analytics); misspellings, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and even scrambled word order are all par for the course. We've seen it all—choose Codefix and benefit from our experience; edge ahead of your competition by starting with higher quality data.

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